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Children as active participators

HEI Schools Saigon Central
HEI Time at HEI Schools Saigon Central

At HEI Schools Saigon Central, we look at the world from the child’s perspective because we recognize the value of childhood, and it allows us to understand what inspires, scares or excites them. It is also crucial to understand the child’s ways of learning, whether it be through play, exploration, movement or artistic expression. This knowledge gives us the opportunity to support the overall growth, development, health and well-being of each individual child in the best possible way.

Some examples:

  • Children take their own food at lunch time themselves or teachers ask them how much they want to have so they can make their own decisions

  • Children help their teachers in daily chores such as organizing and tidying up the classroom, serving meals and preparing activities.

  • Children have meetings where they can vote about decisions that impact them, like field trip choices, classroom rules and more.

  • Children choose their own activities during free play.

  • Teachers ask children to share their ideas for project topics and they all decide together what the project will be about.


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